Your Clip

Full HD Wearable Camera

The Clip is always on and automatically takes a photo every 30 seconds. You will have to charge your Clip before first use.

Recording a Video

To start a recording give your Clip firm double tap, by default it will shoot a 10 second video.

Turning it Off

When the Clip is placed face down or in total darkness, like a pocket or a bag, it stops taking photos.

Charging the Clip

Charge the Clip using a computer or a power outlet. The Clip takes up to 60 minutes to fully charge.

Device and Clip Paired Together

Change the photo interval and check the battery life under the Clip icon inside your app.

An Iphone 6


Firmly double tapping the camera can also trigger the LED lights displaying the battery status.

4 Lights Illuminated
100% battery
3 Lights illuminated
75% battery
2 Lights illuminated
50% battery
1 Lights illuminated
25% battery